Packaging Machinery for wood blocks, panels and furniture

Welcome to this blog about packaging machinery for wood blocks, panels, furniture, sofas, plaster boards and all larger products that need reliable packaging.

The blog is accompanied by a series of Youtube videos.

You can follow the machine from assembly, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Installation, SAT (Site Acceptance Test) & Commissioning through final and running production finalizing with an interview with the President or a representative in order to learn how they have experienced the whole process.

Part 1 – Tentoma Packaging Machine - Assembly

In the first video you will see the Simplex XL-S2 machine in state of assembly and thus only partly finished. You will hear about:

  • Packing machine XL S2
  • How you can reduce film consumption
  • Before and after stretch capability of a LD PE-Film
  • How to exchange a 500 Kg. film roll in 2-4 minutes
  • Packaging material savings
  • MMI – Man Machine Interface (Standard and detached control system)
  • Tentoma scope of supply

Reduce Film Consumption

Tentoma can assist in reducing packaging material consumptions. When calculating and performing test packaging you typically reduce the consumption with 20-60% leading to a cost saving between 10-50%. Additional cost reductions can be realized and in general we see consumption savings related to:

  • Heat shrink film
  • Going from manual to automated packaging
  • Reduce film material waste compared to heat shrink, manual packaging, orbital wrapping
  • Optimize thickness and stretch percentage depending on the product
  • Open ends / closed ends
  • Eliminate or reduce cardboard
  • Removal of polyethylene bags (manual or semi-automatic packaging)
  • Optimal use of perforated or micro punctured materials
Vertical stretch hooder machines
Global film suppliers for Tentoma RoRo StretchPack machines are equal to those supplying film to vertical stretch hooder machines.

Each LD PE-film can contain 3-5 kilometers of film which means low film roll exchange frequency. 

Part 2 Video – FAT by a European Sawnill

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Packaging Machine FAT and What Does RoRo Mean?

In this part 2 blog you will besides the FAT info of the XL-S2 machine also get a full introduction to the RoRo packaging technology and the Step-Change in machine design. Finally, you will learn how to choose the right packaging machine whether needed for packaging of wood blocks, panels, furniture or other longer products.

Packaging Machine FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

We are ready to perform the FAT for our customer Dekker Hout from Holland. Dekker Hout will be using the XL-S2 machine to pack long wood blocks.


Packaging machine ready for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Part #1 in the Factory Acceptance Test;

The machine in the video above is a Simplex XL-S2 machine (picture of XL-S1) and will be tested for packaging a woodblock with 6-sided-sealing. This will consist of a front- and a back sealing. The packaging sequence must live up to the specified packaging output requirements of the customer.
The proper function of the 2 film stands containing each one film roll will be controlled. This includes that the correct film is being selected depending on the pre-set product dimension recipes which are unique for each product size.

Simplex XL-S2 packaging machine from Tentoma
S2 refers to applying 2 film rolls with different dimensions in order to cover a wider variety of products.

Part #2 in the Factory Acceptance Test;

The purpose of the applied 3D Measuring Bridge which can be seen in the video is to identify the dimensions of the incoming product:

  1. Height;
  2. Length;
  3. Width;

After proper identification of the incoming product, the machine will be notified about this product’s recipe. The recipe contains pre-set parameters in order to execute the packaging process described later in the Step-by-Step guide of RoRo StretchPack.

Part #3 in the Factory Acceptance Test;

Fully automated woodblock packaging solution with full integration between the packaging machine and conveyor system with a 3D measuring bridge installed.

About Dekker Hout (Holland):

  • Producer of end products and semi-finished products for constructional retail;
  • Supplier of the Elephant® brand, known for quality and reliability;
  • Manager of FSC® forests, sawmills and factories in Europe, South America and Asia;
  • More than 600 qualified wood lovers;


RoRo StretchPack Step-by-Step Guide

In order to understand how the RoRo packaging technology works you can watch this step-by-step guide and gain a fully understanding.


RoRo StretchPack®

RoRo means
Ro=Roll-on film, Ro=Roll-off film

RoRo Step by Step guide

Reach out to us in order to learn if the RoRo technology is ideal for you to. Just drop an e-mail to In addition to the Step-by-Step guide, please also find 2 short video introductions to the horizontal tube stretch process in the following:

Introduction Video #1: Roll-on and Roll-off (RoRo Packaging Principle);

Winding up stretch hood film for RoRo StretchPack® packaging

Introduction Video #2: RoRo Packaging Example (Gypsum boards);

RoRo StretchPack Packaging®

Which Packaging Machine to Choose?

The RoRo machines all apply the same packaging technology and the selection of an appropriate machine will depend on mainly 3 things:

  1. Product dimensions;
  2. Required packaging output/cycle;
  3. Product variance;

Ad 1 - Product dimensions;

Products within e.g. wood (wood blocks, wood building materials, furniture, panels, tables etc.) and within rolls geotextile, geosynthetics, geomembranes, geo fabrics) can typically be covered within the max 8-meter length that is possible with RoRo machines. The maximum height is 1,4 meters and the width is 1,35 meters.



Ad 2 – Required packaging output /cycle;

The packaging cycles of the Simplex XL machine series are fit to cover most output challenges. So, a wood block of e.g., 6 meters, 0,6 meters high and 1 meter in width can be packed with a cycle of <65 packs per hour based on the length (follow the red arrows in the figure below.). See the cycle information here for XL-S2.

Machine dimensions and packaging capacity

Ad 3 – Product Variance;

An often-asked question when we get involved in a new packaging project is: How can the product variance be covered?

The versatility of the RoRo machines makes it possible to cover a variance of products. One film roll can as a starting point cover various product dimensions since the film can be stretched from 0% to e.g. 75%. Products that can fit into this range can be packed with this same film roll.


Now, products outside this range will then need to be covered by a second film roll with other dimensions meaning that we are in S2 solution mode. If this is not enough, we can apply 3 different dimensioned film rolls.

Step-Change in Stretch Hood Machine Design 

The founder of Tentoma, Frank Bruhn, has a long track record as a service technician at a leading manufacturer of vertical stretch hood machines. This know-how was extended to other vertical stretch hood brands when he started his own technical service company with global reach.

He noticed that the same problems occurred frequently, and this vast know-how was key when developing the new generation of packaging machines based on already proven key technological elements back in 2010. The goal was to eliminate the weak elements he experienced with the vertical stretch hood machines.

Step-Change with RoRo Machine Design

  • Opening wedge without any moving parts (avoiding suction cups, etc.);
  • Belts and no roller chains (which require maintenance);
  • Few moving parts;   
  • Standard and acclaimed components used (SEW, SICK, FESTO);
  • PLC: Siemens Serie 1500 with safety module integrated (programmed in TIA portal);


Bearing guides

Band - no chains

Product Protection of Outdoor Stored Products  Packaging of H+H products

Tentoma is receiving positive feed-back on the RoRo machines because of the outdoor storage capability of the packed products. The high-quality film material applied allows safe outdoor storage of even up to 24 months. The film can be specified with UV protection and UV blocking in order to protect the film and the goods. Besides protecting the goods from moisture, contamination, dust and alike the film also has excellent capabilities in being a low-friction film. When products are stored tightly together it can be a requirement that the film doesn’t get damaged when placing and removing the products.