Saint-Gobain (Forssa, Finland)

Saint Gobain Tentoma packaging machinesOn the new packaging line including a RoRo StretchPack machine by Tentoma, the insulation is packed with a 6 sided sealing. As the package has only two end sealings, there are no open corners or ends to allow moisture to enter. In addition, following has been achieved:



  • 50 % less plastic, savings 32000 kg/year
  • In the olden days the packaging needed to be shrunk in the shrink oven. Thanks to the new line, the entire oven and its heating costs, as well as carbon dioxide emissions, were eliminated.
  • Electricity savings 165 MWh, equivalent to 9 households (in Finland) per year in electricity consumption; CO2 reduced by 30 tons/year
  • New packages can be packed much tighter on transportation. Reduction on the Forssa-Baltic route approx.15 truck runs/year.

Saint-Gobain – Extract from Press Release on Website, June 13, 2018 by Project Manager Tuomas Rilla


Our requirements to a packaging solution where first and foremost full automation, maximum product protection including 100% water resistant packaging and finally a way for high branding engagement. We have achieved all of that with RoRo StretchPack.

H+H Deutschland GmbH

H+H Deutschland GmbHWe have found RoRo StretchPack to be an excellent and reliable fit in automating our packaging.
H+H Deutschland GmbH


Newell Brands

Newell BRANDSWe concentrated  the output of our two production lines into a common packaging area. After checking several systems, we found RoRo StretchPack was the best option for packing our products detecting different sizes automatically,  increasing packaging quality with a 100% protection against water and contaminating elements, and saving energy (not requiring an oven anymore).
Marcel Gras, Engineering & Maintenance Manager