Comparison of packaging techniques

It is essential to choose the right packaging technique to have an efficient packaging process and to achieve the optimal packaging quality to protect your product.

Below you will find a comparison of different techniques (orbital wrapping / heat shrink packaging / RoRo StretchPack®) typically used for packaging of rolls, building materials and similar:

Heat shrink
Film type Stretch wrap film Shrink film Tubular stretch hood film
Six-sided packaging
Single-layer packaging
100% waterproof and dustproof
Packaging and sealing in one operation
Uniform packaging
High repeatability
Smooth film surface - non sticky
Printable film for logo and graphic
High tear and puncture resistant
Large film rolls available
(more than 6 km film depending on thickness)
Low maintenance
(film change, production stop, cleaning etc.)
Film consumption - -
Energy consumption -

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