Three film layers on sharp corners

You can apply three film layers to your product’s front and back ends to reinforce the film on product corners. This is done during the RoRo StretchPack® packaging process, improving the film’s puncture resistance on sharp corners to retain a 6-sided sealed packaging. At the same, you will still have the advantage of film-saving single-layer packaging for the rest of the product.

High puncture resistance on product corner

Overall, the stretch hood film utilized for RoRo StretchPack® packaging has a high puncture and tear resistance. It prevents the packaging film from breaking during transport and handling, also when products have protruding edges. Even if the film breaks, it will not tear apart like more rigid film types tend to do.

Extra film layers on sharp corners minimize the risk

However, if your products have sharp corners, you can apply two additional film layers on the front and back ends during the packaging process. This solution is beneficial on products with sharp corners when retaining sealed and waterproof packaging throughout the whole logistic chain is essential. 

Panels packed with three film layers on sharp corners

Panels packed with three film layers on sharp corners

A simple process with standard equipment

Applying three film layers on sharp corners is controlled by the RoRo StretchPack® packaging machine without any extra equipment needed. The film used for the two additional layers is the same stretch hood film used for the product packaging. The packaging machine folds the stretch hood film during the packaging to create the additional film layers. After packaging, the stretch hood film is sealed and cut as usual. The conveyors will move your product back and forth when the front and back ends pass through the packaging machine. The film gripper unit will simultaneously apply two extra film layers on the product. 

Please note that this solution is not a product corner protection against impact from outside. But it is a way to reinforce the film layer to reduce the risk of film puncture which e.g. could cause ingress from moisture that could harm the product.

In this video, you will see how three film layers are applied on the product ends during the packaging process.