Kronospan, Ryomgaard, Denmark

Fibreboard packaging:


Ryomgaard, Denmark


To reduce the cost for packaging while increasing capacity, Kronospan has now installed the first RoRo StretchPack® packaging machine. The machine is for fully automated 6-sided packaging of wood-based floorboards at Kronospan’s production site in Ryomgaard, Denmark.

Reduced consumables and increased packaging capacity

One of the reasons for investing in a new packaging line is that Kronospan wanted to reduce the cost for consumables on the packaging line. Previously, the floorboards were packed in a film with a separate film layer in the top. Moreover, the outsides were covered with printed cardboard. Utilizing RoRo StretchPack® it is now possible for Kronospan to make a 6-sided sealed packaging of floorboards in one single operation. The sealed film packaging protects the wood-based floorboard against moisture and dirt. At the same time, Kronospan reduces the cost for consumables, by removing cardboard and
reducing film consumption. Another important reason for this investment is the possibility to increase the output capacity by having a fully automated packaging line.

Ole Brok Møller, COO at Kronospan in Denmark, was part of the evaluation process for the project. He tells: ”we received test packaging to evaluate the packaging quality. Samples were also shipped to our distributors, who also approved the quality and durability”. Ole Brok Møller continues: ”We are satisfied with the uniformity and high repeatability of the new packaging”.

Benefits for Kronospan

  • Reduced consumables for packaging
  • Increased packaging capacity
  • Fully automated packaging line
  • Uniform packaging with high repeatability
Stacks of packed products at Kronospan

Uniformed packed floorboards in stock.