Packaging of gypsum plasterboards

Packaging line for gypsum plasterboards

Thanks to its ability to provide 6-sided waterproof packaging, the RoRo StretchPack® packaging machine is ideal for packaging gypsum plasterboard, drywalls, and other similar building panels, which need protection against dirt and moisture.

That’s why we’ve designed a complete RoRo StretchPack® packaging line for automated packaging of bundled gypsum plasterboards. This line is intended for packaging after the drying process (or after storage), ensuring the boards are completely dry when packed. While it is a stand-alone packaging line, it can also be integrated as an inline solution.

The packaging line comes with several functionalities specifically designed for packaging bundles of gypsum plasterboards. Each sub-process can be individually adjusted based on your requirements:

  1. Destacker on the infeed conveyor
  2. Automated insertion of spacers/bearers
  3. 6-sided sealed packaging
  4. Stacking bundles for pickup
Bundle of plasterboards
Destacker on the infeed conveyor

Destacker on the infeed conveyor

This destacker allows a forklift to load up to three bundles of gypsum plasterboards onto the infeed conveyor at once. It lifts the upper bundle(s), enabling the lower bundle to move forward for inserting of spacers/bearers prior to packaging.

Automated insertion of spacers/bearers

Automated insertion of spacers/bearers

Before packaging, loose spacers/bearers are automatically placed beneath the bundle. They can be sourced from a magazine or, for example, shifted from the top of the bundle to the bottom. There’s no need to strap or glue the loose spacers/bearers, as the stretch hood film will secure them in place when packed.

6-sided sealed packaging

6-sided sealed packaging

The RoRo StretchPack® packaging machine utilizes a tubular stretch hood film for packaging. As the bundle of gypsum plasterboards enters the tubular film, both end openings are sealed. This guarantees a 100% waterproof 6-sided packaging. The tight-fit stretch hood film ensures the spacers/bearers stay in place, eliminating the need for glue or strapping.

Additionally, the machine can hold multiple film rolls, facilitating the packaging of bundles in various sizes or using more film rolls with different printed branding.

Stacking bundles for pickup

Stacking bundles for pickup

Once the packaging process is complete, the stacker automatically arranges the bundles, preparing them for forklift pickup.

The film holds the loose spacers/bearers in place

When packaging bundles of gypsum plasterboards with the RoRo StretchPack® packaging machine, the tension from the stretch hood film ensures the spacers/bearers are held firmly against the bundle. Thus, there’s no need to strap or glue them in place. The natural friction between stacked boards prevents slippage among the gypsum plasterboards. This reduces the number of operations on the packaging line and makes it more convenient for the end customer to unpack the bundle at the construction site.

Spacers/bearers made of various materials are compatible with this packaging method, including gypsum, wood, MDF fibre, plastics, and more.

Learn more about holding spacers/bearers without strapping.

Spacers without strapping

Video of gypsum plasterboard packaging line  

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