Budmat logo on packaging

Ruukki sandwichpanels with logo printed on the packaging film

Budmat logo on packaging

Ruukki sandwichpanels with logo printed on the packaging film

Print on the packaging film enhances your branding

The right packaging can do more than just store and protect your products. The visual appearance of the packaging is also essential, as it can reinforce your product and company branding. Thanks to the use of tubular stretch hood film, RoRo StretchPack® provides tight and uniform packaging. This results in aesthetically pleasing and good-looking packaging, indicating that this is a high-quality product, worthy of excellent packaging to preserve its value.

For further branding, there is also an option to have print on the packaging film. This offers an opportunity to enhance your company’s branding and differentiate your products from competitors. It’s an opportunity to leverage when packaging commodities like wood or nonwoven rolls or when packaging building materials. This ensures your brand is visible during distribution and to the end users for example on the construction site. This is also an option applicable for products for the customer market as well.

Suitable for print on the packaging film

RoRo StretchPack® employs a single-layer stretch hood film for packaging, which is suitable for printing with logos, product information, or other graphics. The stretch hood film can be transparent or produced in any colour you desire and can be printed with several colours.

The print will appear clear and crisp on the smooth and tightly packed product. The absence of welds along the product sides and no heat shrinkage in the packaging process means no wrinkled film will distort the printing on the product.

When you are using alternative packaging techniques like orbital wrapping, you do not have the same opportunity for printing on the packaging film. This is due to the type of film material and the use of multiple film layers during the packaging process.


How do RoRo StretchPack® improve branding?

  • Smooth, tight, and uniform packaging
  • Film is suitable for printing logos, etc.
  • No distortion of print due to heat shrink or weldings
  • Film can be transparent or colored
  • Film with a UV filter is an option
Mineral wood packed into yellow film printed with black and green colours.
Example of branding on the packaging film: The mineral wool slabs are packed into yellow stretch hood film printed with black and green colours.

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