What is RoRo stretch packaging?

Horizontal stretch packing…

…is the process of preparing a PE-film tube, seal it in one end and then stretch it horizontally over a product in order to secure it. 

Where to use horizontal stretch packaging?

EOL (End-Of-Line)

Textiles – Geotextiles – Carpets – Paper – PE-film
Steel – Aluminium – Paper – Textiles
AAC/Porebeton – Wood – Paper – Gutters
Gypsom – EPS/XPS – Steel plates – Doors –Table Tops

BEOL (Before- End-Of-Line)

Textiles – Insulation
Steel – Aluminium – Paper  – Textiles
Salt – Pharma and food products (cans & bottles)
Insulation (wool of paper, glass, rock) – EPS/XPS




A flat tube film on a roll is fed into an opening device




and the appropriate length of film needed to cover the whole length of the product is accumulated on four grippers/fingers.




When sufficient film is accumulated, the end is sealed and cut away from the film roll. On the four grippers you now have a plastic bag which is too small to cover the circumference of the product





The grippers stretch the film vertically and horizontally  until the film dimensions are slightly larger than the product dimensions.

The four grippers are then moved to the “Product Lane”



where the load/product is conveyed into the stretched film bag, while the grippers unroll the film securing a smooth packaging.

At the end of the product, the grippers release the film, and the end of the film is sealed.




The product(s) are, with the forces from the film, kept together or kept to the pallet and 100% sealed in PE-film. If requested, the film ends can be kept open and a four-sided sealing can be achieved.