Packaging of panels and building boards - up to 60% in film savings

This is a free 30 minutes webinar for all with interest in packaging of panels and building boards.


  • to automated six-sided packaging and eliminate manual handling
  • to protects your products with a 100% sealed and waterproof packaging
  • to reduce film consumption up to 60% and realize savings on operating cost
  • to engage customers through branding on your products
  • to utilize the benefits of stretch film packaging


  • Tuesday 29, June 2021, at 10-10.30 CET
  • Wednesday, 30 June 2021, at 15-15.30 CET

If you are unable to attend a webinar, please send an email to sales@tentoma.com and we will send you a video recording of the webinar.

20-60 %

Savings in Packaging Film Consumption


10-50 %

Packaging Film Cost Savings

Reduce film consumption with up to 60%

No software downloads are needed and the webinar takes place on a secure Citrix platform