Two sealed layers of film packaging

Six-sided packaging with RoRo StretchPack® provides waterproof protection due to the tubular stretch hood film with strong welds at the ends. Additionally, the stretch hood film used for packaging offers high tear and puncture resistance.

Minimises the risk using two sealed film layers 

However, if the film is subjected to rough handling during transport, there is a risk of damage. To minimize this risk and maintain complete waterproofing in all circumstances, consider double-packing the products using stretch hood film. Each product would be encased in two layers of film, one inside the other, with separate seals. This approach could serve as an effective packaging solution for high-value products transported in challenging conditions.

In the video below, you’ll observe how the pusher guides the boxes throughout the entire packaging process. After the initial packaging, the box is returned to the infeed conveyor via a movable conveyor for the second round of packaging.”

In this video, you will see how a cardboard box is packed into two layers of film, each layer sealed separately.