In the videos below, you can see different types of RoRo StretchPack® packaging solutions in operation. 

Building material packaging

Six-sided packaging of panels and boards
Automated packaging of fibreboards (particle boards / MDF boards / OSB boards)
Packaging of rigid foam insulation panels (PIR, PUR, XPS)
Six-sided packaging of boards on pallets
Six-sided packaging of wallboards (plasterboards)
Doors packaging – 100% waterproof
Six-sided packaging of wood-based floorboards
Six-sided sealed packaging of wood
Sandwich panels packaging – 6-sided packaging
Heavy steel plates packaging – 6-sided sealed packaging

Roll materials packaging

Automated packaging of roll in 30 seconds
Nonwoven rolls packaging – 100% automated and waterproof
Roll packaging – Single and Semi Flow packaging
Solution for packaging of nonwoven rolls incl. core plug applicator and heater
“Eye-to-sky” packaging of nonwoven roll
Core plug applicator

About Tentoma

Improve sustainability on your packaging line
Tentoma – first-class innovation
Packaging solutions from Tentoma reduce energy and film consumption
RoRo StretchPack® principle – 6-sided packaging
RoRo StretchPack® principle – Sealed roll packaging

Many of the videos are recorded during the factory acceptance test (FAT) to test functionalities. At installation on production site, the packaging capacity will be aligned with the production line.

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