Why is stretch hood film perfect for packaging?

6 benefits of stretch hood film

Stretch hood film has some great properties compared to other types of film. Below we have listed 6 benefits of stretch hood film, which you take advantage of when utilising RoRo StretchPack® for packaging.

1 - High tear and puncture-resistance

The stretchability and adaptability of stretch hood film provide it with a high tear and puncture-resistant. This prevents the packaging from breaking during transport and handling even if your products are uneven or if edges are sticking out. In case the film breaks it will not tear up as you see on other types of film.

High puncture-resistant

2 - Six-sided packaging provides full protection

Utilizing a stretch hood film, you can make a six-sided packaging with only two sealings in the ends of the tubular film. Your products will then be fully protected against the penetration of dirt and water. This will eliminate long sealings which are prone to break during handling.

6-sided packaging of plasterboards

3 - Suitable for print and branding

It is obvious to use the packaging of your products for branding. Stretch hood film is printable and can be printed with your logo, graphics, product information etc. In contrast to heat shrink packaging and orbital and stretch wrapping, the print will have a nice appearance on the final packed products.

Print on stratch hood film

4 - Low friction

Stretch hood film for RoRo StretchPack® has low friction. This gives the final packed products a non-stick smooth surface which made handling easy during storage, loading- and unloading situations. The packaging will not be damaged because the products do not stick to each other e.g. if you load and unload rolls with a carpet pole. If higher friction is a requirement in a specific case this is also an option.

Low friction packaging

5 - Adaptability to different product sizes

The high stretchability of stretch hood film provides it with the ability to adapt to different product sizes. This makes it possible to pack a whole range of different product sizes with just one or two film sizes. You simply stretch the film hood until it fits the product size.

Adaptive to different sizes

6 - Reduces film consumption

The last item on the list but not the least important is sustainability. Stretch hood film is a more sustainable solution compared to both heat shrink packaging, orbital and stretch wrapping. Using heat shrink packaging requires film in oversize, and when wrapping you apply several layers of the film around the product. When using stretch hood film you are stretching the film until it fits your products. This eliminates the excessive use of film without compromising the packaging quality. When choosing horizontal stretch hood packaging, we have seen reductions in film consumption by up to 60%.

Film-saving stretch hood film