Celebrating 10 years of RoRo StretchPack® Innovation

We are thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the innovative RoRo StretchPack® packaging technology.

A decade ago, Tentoma launched RoRo StretchPack®, a technique that revolutionized the way we approach 6-sided packaging – by enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and overall packaging performance.

RoRo StretchPack® is built upon the foundation of proven vertical stretch hood packaging, commonly used for upright pallet protection using stretch hood film. However, we took a groundbreaking step by refining and expanding this technology to enable horizontal packaging of products within a sealed stretch hood film for 6-sided protection.

We are proud to have transformed the packaging landscape, making 6-sided packaging more sustainable and cost-effective. As we reflect on a decade of RoRo StretchPack®, we look forward to many more years of pushing boundaries and providing cutting-edge solutions for our valued customers.

Join us in celebrating this milestone by watching the video that showcases the very first RoRo StretchPack® machine.

Celebrating 10 years of RoRo StretchPack® Innovation