Best in class horizontal pallet packaging!

Horizontal Pallet Packaging

The packaging industry hasn't shown major innovations in decades when it comes to resolving the problem of creating powerful containment forces on products or loads on pallets. This post is about how horizontal pallet packaging can change this with an innovative approach.

Learn in this post about how Tentoma got the challenge to demonstrate how RoRo StretchPack (leading horizontal packaging technology for large products) has solved the following problems known in the industry. First. Watch the video showing a simple and powerfull demonstration of how containment forces can change the pallet packaging industry.

Pallet Packaging – Best in class load stability

Typical problems in pallet packaging

  • Lack of containment forces on all pallet types
  • Product damage or contamination, including rain or dust, during the logistic journey at the highest value state of the product
  • High supply chain costs occur due to high packaging costs, given with strappings incl. machine maintenance, packaging materials and number of packaging processes

The solution to pallet packaging problems

  • Horizontal pallet packaging with RoRo StretchPack® increases containment forces with downforces on the load by utilizing the elasticity of a stretched PE-film
  • Supply chain savings are achieved by reducing the amount of film e.g., compared to vertical stretch hood or pallet wrapping
  • Product contamination is eliminated because the loads get 100% sealed with a full 6-sided sealing
  • Handling during loading and unloading situations is less complex due to powerful contamination forces given by RoRo StretchPack®. This way of horizontal pallet packaging makes the products almost immune to external impacts from low lifters and forklifts

Horizontal pallet packaging (bricks) solution example

Horizontal Pallet Packaging - Bricks

If looking to improve your pallet packaging process in order to achieve higher containment forces or load stability, then don't hesitate to contact
Maybe you already work with goods within heights of 1,4 meters and widths of 1,35 meters? Maybe you want us to look at your specific pallet packaging challenge. Also, please check out our YouTube videos showing that we are mainly all about packaging of large goods.