Tentoma and a new partner for horizontal packaging automation in Portugal

Tentoma and Sicorel join forces in Portugal and offer horizontal packaging automation.

Tentoma and Sicorel join forces in Portugal and offer horizontal packaging automation.

Horizontal packaging of goods can eliminate costly packaging process for production companies. Tentoma has developed a new technology called RoRo StretchPack or simply horizontal packaging. It can help companies protect their products from water, humidity and contamination during transport or storage. In addition, the solution leads to full automation of the packaging process. Now also in Portugal.

“We want to help our customers reduce packaging related costs, and, at the same time ensure high packaging quality. The costs can be reduced when applying less wrapping material and reducing the energy consumption compared to traditional solutions. This means that our machines have a very attractive repayment period”, so, Tentoma Sales Manager, Bruno Bach Jensen.

Tentoma has already put their machinery in operation in several European countries from Germany, Poland and Spain with new machines on the way to Sweden, Austria and Finland.

Lower costs and better environment with horizontal packaging

Tentoma has patented elements of the packaging machine that ensures high packaging quality combined with cost savings, less environmental impact and improved working environment. The fully automatic wrapping machine stretches and wraps a tube of plastic foil over the product.

The big difference to e.g. heat shrinkage ovens used in traditional package solutions is the very specific energy cost reduction which is significant in Portugal and this offers clear benefits for the environment as well when reducing CO2 emissions.

Long products (easy with horizontal packaging)

With Tentoma packaging machines our customers can get products packed in lengths of up to 8 meters. The products will then also benefit from a 100 pct. sealing which protects them from external impacts like water, humidity and contamination. “For our customers, the combination of high packaging quality and cost reductions, means highly attractive repayment periods”, so Managing Director of Sicorel, Ilidio Correia.

He continues, “the possible applications for this packaging machine makes it very interesting for us since it covers wood processed products, furniture, insulation materials in roll or plate form, building materials like gypsum boards, pipes, XPS, EPS, AAC/ALC, MDF boards, fibre boards and also eye to wall/sky rolls like geosynthetics and textiles”. More product examples can be found on www.tentoma.com.

Sales and Service in Portugal

“When agreeing on a partnership in Portugal is has been of importance to us, that the partner can focus on both sales and after sales services all over Portugal”, so Bruno Bach Jensen. With Oporto- and Lisbon based Sicorel this has been possible.

“We are pleased to introduce Tentoma packaging machines to the Portuguese market and look forward to introducing it to the Portuguese industrial market. A first launch has already been made during the recent Empack exhibtion in Oporto with overwhelmingly positive feed-back. We are very optimistic.”

For more information, please contact:

  • Bruno Bach Jensen, Tentoma Sales Manager, +45 22 44 06 30, bbj@tentoma.com
  • Ilidio Correia, Managing Director, Sicorel, +351 227 871 800,  Ilidio.correia@sicorel.pt

Brief about Tentoma
Tentoma was founded in 2011 and has since then developed a fully automatic horizontal packaging machine ideal for larger goods. The goods are packen in a fully sealed packaging in order to it from external impacts. Tentoma from Denmark, has already put their machines into operation in Poland, Germany and Spain and deliveries for Sweden, Austria and Finland are on their way.

Read more at www.tentoma.com.

Brief about Sicorel
Sicorel was founded in 2006 and has built up a business with an impressive range of products in order to serve customers with packaging products after high quality standards. Besides being an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer, Sicorel distributes and integrates packaging products and solutions in various industries from automotive, pharma to the electronics industry.

Read more at www.sicorel.pt